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Jewelers of America Professional Certification can advance your jewelry career, differentiate your store and enhance your reputation with fine jewelry customers by increasing credibility. The certification exam for jewelry professionals validates jewelry knowledge and proficiency to national standards. You have the skills, demonstrate them with our professional certification! Certification exams are available to take online.

Jewelers of America offers two categories of professional certification:
  • Sales Professional Certification
  • Management Professional Certification

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Jewelers of America members are entitled to Level 1 Sales Professional certification offered at no cost as part of their membership.

*JA Members will need their Member login information to register. Non-JA Members will need to create an account to continue registration.
“Being certified by Jewelers of America has given me greater confidence. There’s something about having that certificate with my name on it on the wall that makes my customers feel more comfortable with their purchases. They know our store is a member of Jewelers of America, and they know I have been given recognition by the national trade association.” – Gayle Hellberg, JA Senior Sales Professional of Hellberg’s Jewelers - Marshalltown, IA

Why get JA Certified

For Businesses

Jewelers of America certification increases credibility with customers and differentiates your store through the status of having JA Certified Sales and Management staff on site. Increase consumer confidence by displaying the Jewelers of America Professional Certification logo in all advertising, in your store or on your store’s website.

For Individuals

Jewelers of America certification advances your career by clearly demonstrating your jewelry sales or management proficiency. It is a means of communicating your knowledge and skill level to an employer, a colleague or a customer.
"Advertising my certification has made a tremendous difference in the quality of jewelry that comes into our store. I get to pick and choose the items I want to work on. Choosing to become certified was one of the best decisions I ever made.” – Tom Weishaar, CMBJ, Master Goldsmith, Underwood’s Fine Jewelry

How to get Certified

Complete the JA Certified Professional Exam registration form, which includes identifying a proctor.

After registration is processed, Jewelers of America will send the proctor (via email) the exam link, password, and instructions for each certification candidate.

Proctor and certification candidate then coordinate a time and date to take the exam. Each exam must be taken in one sitting within a two hour time limit. The online exam has a timer and will close when the two-hours has expired.
  • Each candidate is responsible for supplying the necessary supplies to successfully take the exam, which includes an internet-enabled device.
  • Study aids, resources or assistance of any kind are prohibited during the exam.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let Jewelers of America know the exam is completed.
  • Jewelers of America will email the candidate official results within three (3) business days.

Candidate must pass the test with a minimum grade of 75% within one year of enrollment to receive certification designation.
  • The date the proctor receives the exam information from Jewelers of America is the enrollment date.
  • Candidates must complete the first attempt within three months of the enrollment date, and have up to two opportunities to pass the exam.

Types of Certification Exams

Sales Professional Certification

Cost: Sales Level 1: $0 for Employees of JA Member Stores; Sales Level 2: $55 $25 per exam, for Employees of JA Member Stores | $75 per exam, for Non-JA Members
Exams Available in Two Designations:
  • JA Certified Sales Professional (CSP) Level 1: entry-level jewelry sales personnel with about one year’s experience. Jewelers of America Members are entitled to Level 1 Sales Professional certification at no cost.
  • JA Certified Senior Sales Professional (CSSP) Level 2: moderate to advanced sales skills and knowledge of a jewelry sales professional. Completion of CSP Level 1 is required.

View Sample Test Questions

Management Professional Certification

Cost: $55 $25 per exam, for Employees of JA Member Stores | $75 per exam, for Non-JA Members
Exams Available in Two Designations:
  • JA Certified Management Professional (CMP) Level 1: entry-level jewelry management personnel with about one year’s experience; reflective of what is commonly needed to manage stores in a multi-unit operation.
  • JA Certified Senior Management Professional (CSMP) Level 2: managers of independently owned stores, who must address concerns such as financing, advertising and pricing. Completion of Level 1 CMP is required.

View Sample Test Questions

Professional Recertification Exam

An essential part of the Jewelers of America Professional Certification program is its requirement for periodic recertification, which allows the jewelry industry to keep certification meaningful by ensuring that the skills and knowledge of Jewelers of America Professional Certification designees remain current. Recertification protects the investment you made in becoming a certified professional and keep your knowledge level current. Recertify every 5 years so that your JA certification doesn’t expire, or you will have to retake the proctored exam again.
Register for Recertification

JA Professional Certification FAQs

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