As a JA Member, your company is held to the highest standards in the industry, proving you are a trustworthy, professional and successful business. Publicize your membership to both consumers and other industry professionals with our branding materials, improving your reputation and reinforcing your commitment to JA’s values.

JA Logos 

Incorporate your JA Member status into all of your print and digital publicity materials. Add the JA logo to your website, social media, business cards, advertisements and any other public-facing mediums to show that you are a trusted and current member of Jewelers of America.
JA Logo Kit
(need zip file)

JA Window Clings - Retail Members

Included in your annual membership kit, the JA Member decal should be placed on your store window, door or counter/point of sale for customers to see. The window clings are dated with the current year to reflect you are a JA member in good standing. Be sure your decal is placed in a publicly visible location for maximum exposure.

Membership Certificate

Every JA Member receives a certificate as proof of your active member status and your commitment to the Code of Professional Practices. Display your certificate in your store or office where your customers and/or industry clients will see.

About the Code

Every JA Member commits to following our Code of Professional Practices annually, ensuring all jewelers are following the professional practices for their day-to-day business operations as a condition of membership. JA Members also encourage these ethical standards throughout their supply-chain relationships, the wider jewelry industry and the world in which they and their business partners operate. This commitment to high ethical practices ensures that jewelry buyers – both consumer and trade – can have confidence in the jewelry and products sold by Jewelers of America Members through their adherence to high ethical, social and environmental standards.

Read the code here and inform your clients that you are committed to these professional practices.
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Jewelers of America

is the leading non-profit jewelry association in the United States. More than a century ago, Jewelers 
of America was founded by jewelers for jewelers to advance the jewelry industry and consumer trust.

JA membership consists of the most professional jewelry stores, jewelry designers and suppliers, manufacturers and businesses serving the fine jewelry marketplace.